Our Vision

Our vision is to create the nation’s largest clean hydrogen hub along the Gulf Coast through the framework of our core principles:

  • To rapidly scale our clean hydrogen supply and demand that leads to a market-based, end-to-end innovation ecosystem that allows all technologies to compete
  • To decrease carbon emissions to not more than 2 kilograms of carbon per 1 kilogram of hydrogen produced and reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per 1 kilogram in 1 decade
  • To serve disadvantaged communities by providing jobs and higher labor standards, reducing local pollution, and supporting and complying with the Justice40 initiative

We envision and prioritize a strong emphasis on community engagement which will lead to infrastructure projects that are more resilient, equitable, and economically viable. With community development planning organizations such as the Houston Advanced Research Center, as well as university participants, regional labor organizations, and clean cities organizations on board, the HyVelocity Hub is primed to create jobs and provide economic benefits to the most vulnerable communities in the Gulf Coast.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did You Know?

The Texas Gulf Coast is currently producing 3.5 million metric tons of hydrogen per annum, which is one third of U.S. annual hydrogen production. With federal and private sector funding, we will utilize regionally advantaged, co-located geology which is well-suited for carbon capture and sequestration and for commercial-scale hydrogen storage.